Your Guide to Buying a Rocking Chair

Ivan Chen
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The rocking chair was first invented in the 18th century and it has provided millions of people a higher level of relaxation since then. Rocking chairs are pieces of furniture that defy the usual function of a chair. These chairs have legs that are poised over curved pieces of wood which makes it possible for the chair to sway forwards and backwards, setting the one sitting on it in a gentle rocking motion. Rocking chairs provide comfort that is beyond what is usually offered by traditional chairs or seats. The rocking of a rocking chair can provide relaxation and a whole new dimension of comfort for you and your family.

Rockers, as they sometimes are called, can be placed in different areas of the house that needs a chair. They provide a good place to relax in, and also provide aesthetic flair to a room. It gives a room a homey and a peaceful look without trying too hard or taking up too much space. Having a rocking chair in the patio, veranda, bedroom, library or living room can automatically provide an automatic relaxing getaway without leaving the room. This chair is great for those short afternoon naps, reading or simply relaxing while having a cup of coffee or tea while having a great conversation with a loved one.

Rockers are usually made of hardwood, and this makes them really durable and strong. Aside from making the rocking chairs stronger and long-lasting, hardwoods provide aesthetic value to rockers because of their beautiful colors and grain. Hardwoods’ properties add flair and beauty to rocking chairs, and this adds to their design value. Adding a hardwood rocking chair carved beautifully and made with intricate designs will surely add spice to an otherwise bland room.

Rockers are made of several parts or components that contribute to its overall design and functionality. The curved pieces of wood are called rockers, and this serves as the main base of your rocking chair. Although rockers is also the term that is used to refer to a rocking chair, the term rocker for craftsmen refer to the curved wood fixed at the base of the legs of the rocking chair. These rockers must be made with utmost precision and care so that a soft, balanced rocking motion is achieved by the chair whenever it is set in motion. Many people, however, meet accidents with rockers as feet and toes can get easily crushed underneath them whenever the chair is in motion. Because of this, more modern rockers have springs that alleviate this concern. The backrests of the rocking chair function like the backrests of traditional chairs. The backrests of rocking chairs however, are designed to provide more comfortable back support. They have a slight bend or angle to more effectively catch a reclining posture. This is also to retain comfort even while the occupant is rocking back and forth with the rocking chair. The legs of a rocking chair functions like the legs of a regular chair, only that they are quite thicker and shorter because the legs are mounted to the rocker. Armrests are not always there, because some rocking chairs do not have armrests. Rocking chairs with armrests provide higher levels of comfort, though.

There are different types of rocking chairs available and sold in the market, and it is important to consider what you’re looking for so that what you get will be what you need.
1. Indoor rocking chairs

Thes chairs are the conventional rocking chairs. These are the ones placed inside the home-in bedrooms, libraries, children’s rooms, living rooms and dens. These chairs usually have cushions and fabric trimmings that add to the comfort of the chair. These chairs are made of wicker and wood, and can be made to suit the theme of the room they will be placed in. Intricate carvings and designs can add to its aesthetic value. Sometimes, indoor rocking chairs can be chosen just so its design stands out in the room. This way, the rocking chair becomes the defining piece of furniture in the room it is in.

2. Outdoor Rockers

Outdoor rockers are usually placed in the open spaces in the house. Verandas, patios, gazebos and even gardens are good places to place an outdoor rocking chair. These chairs are usually made out of plastic and aluminium so as to make them weather-proof and very durable. Some outdoor rocking chairs are made out of hardwood, although this is discouraged because weather will deal great damage on your wooden furniture. Outdoor rocking chairs provide a whole new dimension of outdoor relaxation. Now, resting in the sunshine is never more comfortable.

3. Gliders and children’s rockers

Gliders and children’s rockers are non-conventional designs for rocking chairs. Gliders lose the traditional curved wood rocker, and instead replaces it with smooth hinges that move back and forth. The same design is adapted for children’s rockers that are usually found in cribs. While gliders are more expensive than the traditional rocking chair, this design is more favoured in environments and rooms where the characteristic noise of a rocking chair is not favoured. Gliders that are found in children’s rooms and nurseries and even libraries are most favourable because they produce very little noise.

Whatever kind oF chair you get, it is important to always consider your needs, budget and design concerns. There are lots of designs out there in the market and they are available at all price ranges possible. All you have to do is to know where to look. It is best to surf the internet and ask around for possible shops and good places to look for the perfect rocking chair that will last for generations to come.

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